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Colorado Classic Car Barn Find!

For you Mercedes Benz Classic Car Fans, you might find this article about perfectly preserved cars in Colorado very interesting! 

I’m more of an American Classic Car fan. However, I love cars and especially classic cars!


“The 1968-1972 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 holds a unique place in auto history. Some consider it the first super sedan, a luxury machine with muscle car acceleration and impeccable road manners, all in a stealthy package that looked identical to the six-cylinder versions of the W109 body style. You might get an argument from Maserati fans, who point to the 1962-1969 Quattroporte. But Mercedes built about 6,500 of the car called simply “six-point-three” by aficionados, compared to fewer than 750 Maserati Series 1 Quattroportes. (The more obscure 1961-1964 Aston Martin-built Lagonda Rapide was scarcer still, with about 50 made.)”

The rest of the article is fascinating for the Classic Car Barn Find of all places, Colorado!  They are  in mint condition.

Watch the Video or Click The Article Link Below:

It’s certainly good news to see more of these landmark Mercedes models back on the road, and in such excellent original condition as a bonus. There may be more big German super-sedans coming from the seller, too.

Classic Car Barn Find – A Dream Come True for Classic Car Buffs!


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