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Colorado School District Thrives With “GrandFriends” Program

Teachers everywhere appreciate and rely on volunteers to help at school and in the classroom! With classrooms often at maximum capacity with student enrollment, volunteers help give children more one-on-one instruction time and an extra listening ear when they need it.

Many moms and dads work full-time and don’t have the time to come in and volunteer in their child’s classroom, which is why School District 11 in Colorado Springs relies strongly on their GrandFriends program.  The program has been utilized for 20 years now, and encourages retirees and seniors to come in and spend time with the kids and help in classrooms. Some of these volunteers have grandchildren of their own, but many of them don’t.

District officials say the GrandFriends program is a win-win for students and seniors.

“Some of our students here in D-11, we have a military community, and so they move around a lot. Some of them don’t have interaction with their own grandparents. And so this is a program that allows them to interact with the older generation,” said Dawn Enger, GrandFriends project coordinator for School District 11.

“I don’t have grandkids, and so these are my grandkids,” said Anna Adams, who has been a GrandFriend for five years and is GrandFriend of the month for October.

The program is a great way to bridge generation gaps, and to foster a stronger community.  If you’re interested in participating in the GrandFriends program  click here or call 719-520-2000.

There are typically many volunteer opportunities in all school districts.  Contact your local school for additional opportunities!

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