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Denver Art Museum Exhibit

There’s a new art exhibit in Denver! You will find this art exhibit, “Matisse and Friends,” at the Denver Art Museum in downtown Denver.


The Denver Art Museum – Matisse and Friends:


1) It is an awesome art-world road show that provides viewers with a glimpse of century-old masterpieces. These are stunning, colorful art pieces that we’ve all seen in books but not in person. This exhibit consists of paintings from the early 20th-century.

2) The most famous artist in the exhibit is Henri Matisse. He’s the painter that most everyone knows from this period of art called, Fauvism. He along with several other artists are part of this exhibit of 14 paintings.

3) This art exhibit is on loan from the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.

4) With only 14 paintings, there is plenty of time to listen to the audio guide and spend leisurely time studying the masterpieces.

5) “Matisse and Friends” is on display through February 8, 2015.

MATISSE AND FRIENDS An exhibit of 14 Fauvist paintings by Henri Matisse and his peers, on loan from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Through Feb. 8. Denver Art Museum, 13th Avenue between Broadway and Bannock. Free with museum admission. $10 for Colorado residents. 720-865-5000 or



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