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Denver Health Club Caters to Baby Boomers

Many are resolving to have better health in 2016, and that should always include some form of exercise and activity. The problem is finding something you enjoy, are comfortable with and that fits into your schedule. A new fitness franchise that is opening it’s doors in Lakewood, CO is focusing solely on the baby boomer generation and helping them feel more at home in a gym environment.  One that doesn’t cater to the younger crowd, but instead encourages those in the 0ver-50 crowd, that may have never set foot in a gym.

“Now you have a population where the majority of them may never have been a member of a fitness club, and we want to make it easy for them to work out,” owner Daniel Mason said.

The specialized gym will offer low-impact equipment and unlimited training sessions.

Unlike traditional gyms where members pump iron, Welcyon features workout equipment that uses air pressure as resistance, Mason said. That makes the machines, which are built by Finnish company Hur, ideal for older demographics because there’s less risk of damaging joints.

The high-tech machines are linked to a computer system, which automatically determines a user’s workout based on a routine pre-programmed into a card they carry. If a member thinks the workout is too easy, they can kick it up a notch by performing another rep, which tells the machine to increase resistance weight.

The Denver health club is located on Wadsworth Blvd. in Lakewood and a monthly membership will run you $80/month.

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