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Eggs and Weight Loss – Find Out More!

Did you know that eating an egg first thing in the morning could help limit caloric intake throughout the day? Thus, eggs and weight loss go together!

According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, the essential amino acid, leucine, which is found in eggs helps to decrease loss of lean tissue, increase loss of body fat and also stabilizes blood glucose levels.

The study also shows that greater consumption of high quality protein at breakfast time, in particular, could be vital for the weight loss benefit of a higher protein diet.

The quality of egg protein is the highest of any whole food product. The protein in an egg is so effectively absorbed and made use of by the body that it is regarded as the standard with which all other dietary protein is assessed.

The Biological Value of Dietary Protein:

  1. Eggs – 100
  2. ┬áMilk – 93
  3. Beef & fish – 75
  4. Poultry – 72
  5. Protein powders – at the end of the spectrum


Eggs have 6 grams of protein and are the least expensive source of high quality protein. There are 70 calories in one egg.

One egg provides varying amounts of 145 essential nutrients including choline and vitamin D.

Protein at breakfast also shows benefits for kids…it may help manage or prevent overweight kids. A protein-based breakfast (PRO) results in decreased hunger, increased fullness, and decreased desire to eat when compared to a carbohydrate-based (CHO) breakfast for both kids and adults.

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