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Heart Apps to Improve Cardiovascular Health

For quite sometime it has been reported that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of preventable deaths in the U.S. Let’s strive for top-notch cardiovascular health!
According to the American Heart Association, someone dies of heart disease in this country every 40 seconds.

Check out these apps to improve your cardiovascular health:

1) ASCVD Risk Estimator (American College of Cardiology) – This highly individualized app is free and helps you understand the risks of developing cardiovascular disease, as well as which risk factors are most relevant to you.
2) Blood Pressure Companion (Maxwell Software) – This free app illustrates the correlation between blood pressure and weight. It also reminds you to test your blood pressure, which keep the data more accurate.
3) Blood Pressure Monitor (Taconic System LLC) – This free app monitors blood sugar and blood pressure levels, as well as weight. You can enter your medications and daily diet and email health data to your doctor.
4) Cardiio (Cardiio Inc.) – This free app helps determine ideal heart rate and lets you know when you’re experiencing abnormalities. It shows how your heart rate measures up against others and has a 7-minute workout routine.
5) Cardiograph (MacroPinch Ltd.) – Cardiograph ($1.99) allows multiple users to track their heart rhythm by taking a picture of their fingertip. The app includes fun facts and trivia to help you learn about heart health.
6) Healthy Heart 2 (Ringful LLC) – If you are at high risk for developing heart disease, you can track your blood pressure, glucose, potassium, and cholesterol levels with this free app.
7) Health Mate (Withings) – Users can find out their blood pressure trends and real-time data through Health Mate, which includes a health pressure monitor. The app is free, but the blood pressure monitor  is $129.95.
8) Instant Heart Rate (Azumio Inc.) – For $2.99, you can monitor your heart rate as you do different types of exercise, while avoiding putting too much stress on your heart.

9) MotionX 24/7 (MotionX) – This app monitors heart health while awake and during sleep use ($0.99). Data can be complied weekly and monthly. It also has a motion sensor that tracks sleep habits and detects snoring.  

10) Smart Blood Pressure (SmartBP) BP Tracker (Evolve Medical Systems LLC) – This free app is for those who either have heart disease or are at high risk of developing it. Patients can record their systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as their pulse, and share the data with their doctor.

Here’s to excellent cardiovascular health!

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