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Jigsaw Puzzles Keep Your Brain Young!

Did you know? Jigsaw puzzles help you exercise both the right and left side of the brain. Working a jigsaw puzzle helps keep your brain young!

Your left-brain thinks logically and follows sequence while the right brain is creative, intuitive and emotional.

When working a jigsaw puzzle, you harness both sides of the brain.

Jigsaw puzzles engage the brain to retain information on shapes and colors in order to choose pieces that will fit together properly.

This hunt for pieces requires your brain to memorize what each piece looks like or should look like and what kinds of pieces you are searching for in order to complete the picture. Doing this repeatedly reinforces short-term memory.

This engaging activity:

  1. Works to exercise the brain cells and thereby activates them and increases their efficiency and capacity.
  2. Makes you alert, increases concentration, and expands creativity.
  3. Helps you practice visualization because you are constantly looking at the images.
  4. Affects your physical health by lowering your breath rate, and reducing heart rate and blood pressure.

Here are two jigsaw puzzles for you to work and enjoy!

Click link under each photo…

preview99 pieceCedar Mtn, in Craig, Colorado
preview80 pieceChildren Fountain

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