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Lyft Brings Free Ride-Sharing to Colorado

Do you need a “lift”? 

Well, now you can get a lift by contacting Lyft Inc., a new free ride-sharing company that has expanded into Colorado Springs. Lyft has been operating in Denver for several months. 

Lyft operates like a taxi service but uses a free smartphone application to connect riders and drivers. Riders can actually view photos of drivers, their location and an estimated pickup time.

Lyft operates in 60 cities throughout the U. S.   Check their website Lyft for a list of states and cities where they currently operate.

Other facts about Lyft:

*  All vehicles used in the ride-sharing program must have been manufactured in 2000 or after,

*  Each vehicle must have four doors and be able to carry four passengers.

*  Drivers must complete a screening process.

*  The company provides additional liability and uninsured motorist coverage as well as additional collision coverage.

*  Even though riders aren’t charged for a ride, a donation amount is suggested.

*  Passengers usually sit in the front seat of the car; cars are marked with a large, fluffy pink mustache attached to the grill.



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