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Not Getting Enough “Shut Eye”?

Not getting enough “shut eye”?

Then you are definitely putting your health at risk…you will actually start to fall apart!

How much sleep is enough? It is recommended that you get seven to eight hours of quality sleep on a regular basis.


Did you know?

* Our bodies use sleep or “down time” to get a whole lot of work done.

* If you short-change yourself with a lack of sleep, some of that work never gets done and the consequences can be devastating because it raises your risks for disease.

* Men – Lack of sleep could double your risk of prostate cancer according to one study.

* Women – Lack of sleep can really pack on the pounds and result in skyrocketing blood sugar (also includes men).

* Less than six hours of quality sleep each night is linked to a higher Body Mass Index which none of us want!

* Type-2 diabetes is more prevalent in poor sleepers.

* Lack of sleep can cause a loss of neurons in the brain causing brain damage…that’s alarming!

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