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Paradise Cove: A Hidden Gem

There is nothing quite like an autumn drive. The sky is a brilliant blue, the weather is absolutely spectacular, and the colors are transitioning from summer to fall. If you are seeking a spot that is off the beaten path with a little less traffic and people, there is a hidden gem called Paradise Cove located about an hour west of Colorado Springs between Florissant and Guffey. The cove is known by many for cliff jumping. Brave souls clamor to this place in the summer to scale the rocks and leap into the pool of crystal clear water.

As I discovered, however, on a glorious Saturday in mid-September, this area was vacant. Tucked away off a country road, you wouldn’t know it was there unless specifically looking for it. The parking “lot” is a gravel patch on the side of a quiet road. The trail begins after descending a hill to a chained gate. Make your way through the opening to find a beautiful meadow surrounded by walls of rock.


As you walk the short half mile to the cove, you will cross a meandering stream and weave your way through the tall grasses of the meadow.


Climb up a short hill to make your way down to the cove. Pause at the top for a stunning view of the rocks and the pool of water down below. The sound of the waterfall greets you as you reach the bottom. Here you will find a sight to behold. Tucked down in this glorious spot, you will find nothing but peace and tranquility. The water is very cold, but if you’re bold enough, jump in! Instead of making the leap myself, I let my water-loving dog fetch a stick.


This stunning cove is truly one of Colorado’s treasures. Living up to its name, it is a piece of paradise.


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