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Received SCAM Calls from the IRS?

If you have received SCAM calls from the IRS, you should know what to do.

You may not know they are SCAM calls… the IRS does not call and threaten you without notifying you by mail and then a civil conversation face-to-face with a real IRS agent at a real IRS office.  (You may also get emails regarding the same SCAM)

There are SCAM calls out there leaving a recorded message or a real person giving you the narrative that you will be subject to arrest unless you settle with a returned call or with the caller.



WATCH OUT!!  They are not IRS employees/agents.


Here is what you should do if you receive a “suspicious” SCAM call:

  • Assume, I mean Really assume, it is a SCAM call.  As stated above, the IRS DOES NOT call about back taxes. You will get  a notice in the mail!
  • HANG UP… NOW!  Do Not get into an argument, you may be harassed more if you do.
  • Report It!  You can report the call through the IRS Inspector General office at 800-366-4484.  If you are contacted by email, forward that email to
  • Tell others; spread the word so they can report and not get flustered by a supposed IRS back taxes call (or email).

The IRS website

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