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Remember Pleated Ties?

Pleated Ties, do you remember when they were popular? They certainly had character.

Interesting facts about pleated ties:

1) They were popular in the mid-’50s.

2) By the early ’60s ties became more narrow and would not hold a pleat. So, that was that!

3) These neckties have an art deco look to them.

4) You tie a pleated tie in the smooth part above where the pleats start.

5) Some neck ties had six pleats and others had four. It all depended on the width of the tie.

6) Fabrics used for the ties ranged from brocade to woven rayon with ties today sold in silk fabric.

7) Yes, you can still get neckties with pleats in them today. Some are rather pricey and are high fashion.


pleated ties




Remember Pleated Ties? 



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