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The Bobbsey Twins

Who doesn’t remember this collection of books? If you never read them, you most certainly have seen or heard of them. This classic series was first published in 1904, the last in 1979, and included 72 titles. The stories told the adventures of the children of the Bobbsey family, which included two sets of twins: Nan and Bert and Flossie and Freddie.


While the first volume was authored by Edward Stratemeyer, many others writers contributed to the series. The first books in the beloved series were set up chronologically, and the characters aged 4 years. After the fourth book, the editors soon realized that the characters would age too rapidly to retain their readership and kept them in somewhat of a floating timeline with the older twins remaining at age 12 while the younger two stayed at age 6.

The earliest books involved a series of adventures, but as the popularity of Nancy Drew books and the Hardy Boys began to grow, detective plots made their way into the Bobbsey Twins stories as well. Initially, the books had little connection to the real world, but as the series grew, many tales included well-researched real life places.

There were at least two attempts to launch a new series after 1979, but neither one of those saw the popularity that the original held.


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