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Rose Shaped Apple Dessert


This Rose Shaped Apple Dessert is healthy and is something most everyone likes. Doesn’t everyone like apples??

This beautiful rose-shaped dessert is made with lots of soft and delicious apple slices. They are wrapped in sweet and crispy puff pastry.

For your next dinner party, you can impress your guests with this tasty, fruity creation.

It looks difficult but it is actually quite simple to make! Watch the video for step-by-step instructions…she makes it look so easy!

rose shaped apple dessert


Rose Shaped Apple Dessert

Ingredients to make 6 roses:
1)  frozen puff pastry sheet, thawed
2) red organic apples (I used red delicious)
3) juice  of  1/2  lemon
4) tablespoon of flour, to sprinkle the counter
5)  tablespoons of apricot preserve
6) cinnamon (optional)
7) powder sugar for decorating (optional)


Rose Shaped Apple Dessert – Perfect for your next dinner party.


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