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Simple Steps to Creating Wood Pumpkins

Creating things has always been one thing that I love to do. I am gratified by the process of taking ingredients and turning them into a finished product. Whether it’s baking, cooking, organizing or woodworking, I am usually making something. Because I build items out of wood, I usually have a pile of scrap wood in the garage. While outside this morning, I looked at that pile and decided that it would be perfect for making wood pumpkins.

I began by taking three leftover 2×4’s that were approximately 13″ long.


Attaching them was the next step, and for that I used one of my favorite tools: a Kregjig to make pocket screws. Pocket screws provide a strong connection for joining two or more pieces of wood.


With a pencil I made a very rough outline of a pumpkin and cut out the shape with a jigsaw.


Once the pumpkin is cut out, you will need a stem. Look no further than your scraps on the floor!


From here I stain the pumpkin with a rich brown color. After the stain has dried, I paint the pumpkin with a beautiful orange.


I stain the pumpkin before painting, because I love the look of something rustic. That look can be achieved by staining underneath the painting and then taking a piece of sandpaper and sanding the pumpkin. This step is up to you – – I usually sand around the edges and a few places in the middle.


With a small triangle made out of wood, I added a little stand to put on the back.


I was thrilled with this project, because it allowed me to use some scrap wood and it was quick. I love how these look on my front porch, they won’t rot and squirrels can’t eat them. The best part is that they can stay outside* until Thanksgiving!



*If you plan to leave these outside, make sure to add a coat or two of varnish to protect the paint.

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