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The Adult Coloring Boom – Be Part of It!

Are you part of the Adult Coloring Boom?

The Adult Coloring Boom has made its way to the USA from Europe having started in France. Coloring has many benefits and is a great way to spend the afternoon or evening after a stressful day. It’s also a good break from endless hours of playing “Candy Crush”!

Adult coloring can benefit your life in many ways while at the same time releasing your artistic side. See, you didn’t know you had artistic talents!

Life throws many challenges our way like poor health, money, addictions, loss of loved ones, divorce, career, relationships, insecurity about the future, loss of jobs, disappointments and ups and downs. These all cause turmoil, anxiety and stress to our mind and body.

Here are 5 ways that adults can benefit from coloring:

  1. It can be relaxing. Coloring does have a de-stressing effect. Mainly because the focus is on a particular activity, we tend to think less about our problems and concerns.
  2. Coloring also stimulates the brain and senses and develops fine motor skills, imagination, and creativity.
  3. Coloring provides attention to detail which can help improve concentration.
  4. Encouraging patience. You need some time to color and fill in those lines perfectly.
  5. It promotes coordination. We used to spend much of our time playing and learning to develop coordination of our movements. We shouldn’t stop enjoying these activities as we grow up, the benefits can keep benefiting us as we age.
  6. Adult coloring can be a great social activity. Why not invite a friend to join you for a cup of tea or coffee and a session of coloring!

Here is a coloring page for you…free to enjoy!

Print this out and start coloring!

Double-click on the coloring page and print according to your normal printing procedures…

Adult ColoringClick for more Coloring Pages…


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