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The Importance of Gut Health and Neurological Disorders

Do you know the importance of gut health for the prevention and treatment of “incurable” neurological disorders? This is so important for everyone to know so they can live a healthy life!

The quality, quantity, and composition of the bacteria in your gut have enormous influence on your brain,” according to Dr. David Perlmutter.

The bacteria in your gut determines whether you’re gong to have a healthy brain or not. It also determines whether your brain is going to function well or not and whether your brain is going to become diseased or not! It’s quite remarkable!

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There’s the possibility of reversing Type 2 Diabetes as well as autoimmune diseases such as MS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Crohn’s, and inflammatory bowel disease, just to name a few. This is exciting and gives hope to those with these debilitating diseases!

To read the article and learn more about gut health , Click Here

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