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Tips For Changing Careers After 50

People change careers for a number of reasons. Some would like to reduce stress while others are searching for job satisfaction. Others may have been laid off or let go from their current position. It could be that you chose your career path when you were young and attending college and now have no interest in that same field. Whatever the reason, many older adults are now launching new careers. The choices may be vast and the prospect of starting over can be overwhelming, but with these tips you can make the change that you are longing for.

6 Tips for changing careers after 50:

1. Create a list: What are you good at? Which things give you personal satisfaction? List all of your skills. You have either had numerous jobs throughout your life or one long-term position that have provided skills that can be offered to a new employer. Don’t neglect general abilities in your list; they can translate to important talents for a new position. Decide which ones you are good at, and put them at the top of your list.

2. Learn something new: While the prospect of returning to school may appear daunting at first, there are a number of training programs in place to help you achieve a new career. Search online with the word course or training following what you would like to do. Have you considered massage therapy? Use the words massage therapy classes in your search. Possibly you’ve considered life coach; search for life coach training or courses.

3. Consider an internship or being an apprentice: Many people think that internships are offered only to college students in their final years of school. That is not the case. Many companies now are hiring older adults as interns which is a great way to see whether or not a certain position or company is right for you. Do you have a hobby that you enjoy but are now considering turning into a business? If it’s woodworking or painting that you love, check with a local company to see if they would consider hiring you as an apprentice. It is a good way to see if the hobby you love you so much would translate into a business of your own.

4. Use your network: Think of all the people you have met over your life. Let those people know that you are looking for a career change. Many of them know you very well and are aware of your skills. Those closest to you may see something in you that you are overlooking. Also, people in that circle may know of a position that is open or they might have ideas that you hadn’t considered.

5. Take into account a number of options: Maybe a full-time job is not what you want or could be harder to obtain. Contemplate the possibility of one or two part-time positions where you can use different skills at each job. Temp jobs are a great way to see various companies and whether or not you like a certain job. Maybe you have mulled over self-employment; if there is something you would like to do on your own, make it happen.

6. Don’t give up: If a change is what you desire, keep going to make it happen. Yes, you may be turned down for one or more positions in the search process. Getting what you want means chasing it down and, eventually, you will achieve your goal. Focus on what it is that you are aiming for.

There are many options available to the over 50 population. We bring a lifetime worth of skills, knowledge and experience that can translate to a new career. Take time to enjoy the journey while on the path of creating a new career.


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