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Windows XP Support Ends

D-Day for Windows XP!

After 12 long years, today, April 8, Microsoft is ending its free support and updates of Windows XP as we know it.

“Despite the stark warnings and publicity surrounding the end of support in six days’ time, it appears that significant numbers of people are still using XP and sleep walking into a potential minefield of security and virus risks,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter*


To help individuals and businesses complete their migrations, Microsoft will continue to provide updates to their anti-malware signatures and engine for Windows XP users through July 14, 2015.**


Interesting statistics about Windows XP:

1 ) XP ranks as the 2nd most popular operating system worldwide.

2) In the U.S. Windows XP is the 3rd most popular operating system (14.5%) after Windows 7 (48%) and MacOSX (16%).

3) It is estimated that 10 percent of several million government computers were expected to miss the April 8 upgrade deadline.

4) Only 38 % of ATMs are expected to upgrade by April 8 which leaves the door open for hackers to exploit the situation.





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