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55+ Communities in Colorado

If you are trying to decide whether a 55+ retirement community for active adults would be the right lifestyle for you, here are some of the reasons people decide that they either want to live in one or not live in one.

Colorado’s scenic beauty, cultural attractions, clear mountain air and welcoming people make the Centennial State a popular retirement destination for active adults. Seniors wanting to retire in Colorado have many options to choose from among 55+ communities.

While we will be giving information on 55+ communities in Colorado (see link at bottom of page), the basic reasons for choosing such a community are somewhat the same.

The Advantages of Retirement Communities:

1) The number one reason mentioned by people who like to live in retirement communities is the access to a wide variety of affordable activities.  You may have easy access to golf, tennis, swimming, art studios, woodworking shops, garden plots, live theater, clubs and social activities.

2) Security is the second reason many people give for wanting to live in an age-restricted community.  Many of these retirement communities are gated and may also have private security.

3) They are also usually near medical facilities.

4) The housing is designed to provide easy access for older adults.


The Disadvantages of Retirement Communities:

1) Many people of retirement age are happy living in the home or neighborhood where they have lived for a number of years and see no reason to move.

2) Some people have adult children or grandchildren who are living with them and know these family members would not be welcome in an age-restricted retirement community.  

3) Some people like living in a community where there are mixed ages and others believe the residents of retirement communities are “old,” and they don’t want to live with all those old people!

4) Homeowners Association fees may be too high for some people especially if they don’t use many of the services that are available.

Here’s a list of 55+ Communities in Colorado:

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