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Summer Camping in Colorado!

Put camping in Colorado on your activity list this summer!

There are thousands of campsites in Colorado ready to help visitors experience the beauty of the state’s wilderness areas.

Colorado has thousands of campsites, so it’s easy to find a tranquil spot to get back to basics and enjoy the simplicity of nature.

Basic info to know about camping in Colorado:

1) Colorado State Parks administers forty-two parks throughout the state. This system alone has more than 4,000 campsites.

2) In addition, the US Forest Service manages 14 million acres of land in the state’s 11 National Forests and two National Grasslands.

3) The Bureau of Land Management oversees an additional 8.4 million acres.

4) Both of the above agencies have campsites that range from developed areas with restrooms, fire rings, water and other amenities to remote areas, with no amenities, that are reached only by horse, mountain bike or backpacking. Reservations can be made at

5) There are many privately owned campsites in Colorado which have perks you may not find on public lands, such as playgrounds, hot tubs, laundry facilities and Wi-Fi.

6) One caveat for camping in Colorado is that the weather can change quickly, even in the summer months. It’s best to wear layered clothing.

7) You may be required to purchase a pass or permit depending on your location. Plan ahead by visiting the website listed below and the information posted at campground entrances.



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Camping in Colorado…A Camper’s Paradise!


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