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Car Camping at its Best!

Car camping (or camping next to your car at a campground) is an easy way to enjoy the outdoors without a whole lot of pre-planning (at least once you have your supplies, etc).

Car camping allows you to haul your favorite creature comforts—coolers, lawn chairs, lanterns, board games, fishing poles, toys, etc., and pitch your tent right next to your car.

Or, you can forget the arsenal of comforts and “customize” a vehicle for a true camping experience (see the Honda Element below).

Car camping is a great way to introduce non-campers to camping. You know…those people who are strictly backpackers or others who won’t hike more than 10 feet into the woods to camp. And, car camping is usually a good ol’ time!

Why not enjoy the full spectrum of camping? Sure, you can be super proud of yourself when you trail hike in miles with just the things on your back. But, you can also get down with drinking a cold beer and lounging around in a hammock while car camping. It’s also a great way to introduce non-campers to camping.

You can get ready for your camp out by learning camping tips, campfire songs and stories, camping recipes and more courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation’s Great American Backyard Campout.

Also, check these Outdoor Safety Camping Tips courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service.

This hanging cupboard is a favorite!

car camping


Honda Element Camping


Honda Element Camping w/ Tent

car camping


Car Camping is Great – Enjoy the Outdoors!

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