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Design Your Life – Healthy Living for Grandparents!

Looking into the mirror, at your grayed out hair and wrinkled skin (not really!) you probably reminisce about those blissful moments when you held your bundle of joy in your arms for the first time.

Now, a couple of decades later, your bundle(s) of joy have flown the nest and you are back to thinking about what makes your life worth living. It’s just a matter of time before you receive an answer to that question. Grandkids not only let you relive your life’s greatest moments but also make it much more fun to do so! Somehow looking after grandchildren is a lot more enjoyable and much less demanding affair. But to keep pace with those young and energetic hearts and to maximize your fun quotient, it is necessary to build up your strength and sustain it.

Healthy living is not a fad that is meant for the younger generation. As archaic as it sounds, life definitely starts after 40 and it is in your hands to make it worthwhile. Here are a few pointers for you to become the healthiest and the most involved grandparents ever…healthy living for grandparents.

Keep close tabs on your health

The best way to keep your body healthy is to know what you are up against. Keep close tabs on your health by drafting regular check-up plans and sticking to them diligently. Getting screened for ailments that are common after the 50 age mark, everything from diabetes to heart, kidney ailments and cancer, should be in your top priority list every few months. Identifying your problems on time helps greatly with the treatment and its success.

Watch what you put into your mouth

Age transforms the way you and your body look at food. From changes in metabolism to modifications in taste buds, you need to adapt your lifestyle to suit your body and its demands. While minimizing sodium and sugar intake, it is necessary to maximize intake of fruits, vegetables, fibers, lean protein, etc. Ensure that you always stay hydrated with water and other fluids. Cooking and eating need not be a lonely affair. Socialize and get more involved with people around you to make it more interesting.

Bring in that zing

Age is all the more reason to stay lively and active. Add some physical and mental activity into your daily routine. Take an hour of your time to invigorate your body through simple workouts like walking, jogging, yoga and fight your heart and bone ailments much more effectively. It is best to consult your physician and health advisor before starting any physical activity. As you age your mental acumen declines and that is not a secret but there are ways to reduce its effect. From books, simple puzzles, crosswords and small games to hobbies that motivate you, spare some time to bring back the zing in your routine.


healthy living for grandparents

Get some shut-eye

Sleep issues like insomnia are some of the major causes of physical ailments in older people. Though your sleep patterns might undergo changes as you age, simple practices like transforming your bedroom to look and feel more dark and comfortable, changing your bedtime, taking a bath before bed, avoiding television etc, can significantly boost the chances of getting a good night’s sleep.

Discover happiness

You are the one person in this world to know what brings you happiness. Be it long forgotten hobbies or participating in community development programs, be it socializing and finding new friends and connecting with your family or bonding with pets, pick your source of joy and work on it to peel away any discontent and depression from your life.

By choosing to be healthy and happy you are transforming yourself into fantastic role models for your grandkids to follow. As much as grandchildren would like to hear stories from you, you should remember that the greatest story that you share with them will be that of your life.

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